Cannes, FR. The documentary Bohemians of the Riviera: Tutti al Posto, produced, written, and directed by AJ du Fresne was accepted into the Nice (FR) International Film Festival, May 13-16, 2024. The film was nominated for Best Director of a Short Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Editing of a Documentary, and Exceptional Showcase of the Arts Award. The documentary Bohemians of The Riviera: Tutti al Posto was produced and distributed by Lake Erie TV. The 27-minute documentary can be viewed at

Gertrud Stein once evoked that painters do not conceive of as existing in themselves. They conceive themselves as a reflection of the objects they paint into their pictures, in other words, they live in the reflection of their art. Artists need ideas, time, and aptitude to create their art. Bohemians of the Riviera is a documentary about two friends who are artists in Cannes, France, and Seborga, Italy. When American artist Tim Johnson (Ft. Wayne, IN) moved to the French Riviera in 1990 to marry a French woman, one of the first people he met was French artist and sculptor Polo. Polo was a former boyfriend of Tim’s new wife. However, Tim’s marriage didn’t last, but his friendship with Polo endured.  As they both abandoned their fascination with the woman, they became friends over another common interest – art. Tim was a former university art professor at BGSU. Polo, a free-spirited French artist, sculptor, and entrepreneur. Their friendship has persisted because of their passion for creativity. They live by the Italian maxim Tutti al Posto, which translates as “everyone back to their posts”, so they can carry on with their art unencumbered by the rigor and expectations of society.A landscape with a road and buildings

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AJ du Fresne is the CEO of Lake Erie TV and Films ( ACT OF GOD (Feb 2024) is his first movie production. He is a Peabody nominee who has written, directed, and produced several documentaries, including Bohemians of the Riviera: Tutti al Posto (2023), Preserving America: The Art and History of the Birth Certificate (2022); and Preserving America: Jenera Shipwreck Survivors.